Best Weather Apps for Apple Watch

Weather news has been saving our day for years now and with the smartphone apps, things got even handy. Going a step ahead now we have well-equipped smart wearable devices. Apple Watch has been on top of the list for long enough with the help of a long list of features that it offers. One of such great features is the weather app extensions on Apple Watch. Weather updates are now accessible on your watch itself and with a number of customizable watch face complications, all you gotta do is raise your wrist. Let’s see the best weather apps for Apple Watch.

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is a service by abc network and hence one of the most trusted weather apps around all platforms. The Apple Watch version of the app offers a clean and informative interface. It includes temperature, wind speed, humidity and sunrise time on the home screen. On a second screen, the app has a precipitation screen for an area of your choice so you don’t wet yourself!

AccuWeather app apple watch

One of the key features of AccuWeather is the RealFeel temperature that displays the actual temperature that’s being felt on the ground. Apart from this the app also has an alert feature that brings up an exclamation mark on your watch app. It means there is a weather alert which could be seen on your phone app. Some features like allergy alerts are also a part of the app but are only available on the phone app.

2. The Weather Channel

Another popular app on the list, The Weather Channel can be found pre-installed on many devices. The Apple Watch version of the app has some basic info like high and low temperature and humidity on the home screen. The second window of the app shows the weather forecast for the coming weekend with temperature, wind speed, and humidity so I’m guessing that’s a holiday planner window.

The Weather Channel app apple watch

The iPhone version of the app has rather more features to offer like an hourly and daily forecast for the next couple of days. The App also features a detailed version of the Air Pollution index. Since The Weather Channel is a big news company as well, the iPhone app also offers videos on weather news.

3. Yahoo Weather

While the Apple Watch interface might seem very minimal for the Yahoo Weather app, it actually isn’t. Each window of the app is scrollable and hold information like humidity, wind speed, sunrise and sunset time and forecast for the next day as well. The more locations you add on your iPhone app the more windows you see in your Apple Watch app.

Yahoo Weather app apple watch

Yahoo Weather is a free app and I guess that’s all you get in a free weather app because there seems to be nothing special on the iPhone app as well. All you can do is share the weather info with friends and family through the iPhone app but that’s pretty much it.

4. Weather Live

Weather Live app on the Apple Watch has some nice animations that change according to the weather and time of the day. Weather Live also displays the RealFeal temperature apart from the basic temperature.

Weather Live app apple watch

The second screen of the app contains details like precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, visibility, humidity, etc. There is a third window that separately shows an hourly forecast for the current day. If you wish to see long term forecast and weather maps you can head down to the iPhone app.

5. Weather & Radar

Weather & Radar gets its name from the interface it provides. On the home screen of your Apple Watch, you can see the current temperature and an hourly forecast for the day. But strangely the Watch app also features a small map of the area on the home screen. You can see the clouds and wind like an actual weather map.

Weather & Radar app apple watch

The Apple Watch app also features forecast for next three days which could be seen by scrolling the crown. The iPhone version of the app additionally offers a rain map and a 14-day weather chart. You can also browse through some weather news on the iPhone app.

6. Weather Mate

Weather Mate is pretty much loaded with every detail on the Apple Watch. If you know where to look, you won’t need to take your iPhone out of your pocket. Scroll the crown while you are on the home screen of the app and you’ll see cloud cover, wind chill, UV index, heat index, rain unit in mm, snow unit in mm, visibility and even things like moon age.

weather mate app apple watch

If you are on the paid version of the app you get two additional windows on your Apple Watch, each for hourly forecast and daily forecast. The iPhone version of the app is pretty intense too. You can view detailed updates for the coming days individually for each day and night.

7. Weather Bug

Weather Bug on Apple Watch gives a nice graphical representation of the hourly forecast of the day but like many other apps on the list, you can unveil the real deal by scrolling the crown. The app maintains the interface standards even while giving additional information like weather alert, pollen report for allergies, UV index, etc.

weather bug app apple watch

The home screen of the app shows weather for your current location while the added locations on the iPhone app can we viewed on the subsequent screen on your Apple Watch app. The iPhone app offers hourly and weekly forecast and additionally has a weather map that shows live updates.

8. Yandex Weather

Nothing very special about Yandex Weather app but since its a well designed and Russian made software, it is trusted by many people. The Yandex app on Apple Watch displays both normal temperature and RealFeel temperature along with a two-hour precipitation forecast. While subsequent screens show a 24-hour forecast and a 10-day forecast. There’s nothing more on the iPhone app as well

yandex weather app apple watch

9. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather needs no introduction and is one of the best weather apps available out there. The only factor that changes here is that it does not have any free version. But, if you know the name you know what it does. The never-ending list of features that Carrot Weather provides extends to Apple Watch as well.

carrot weather app apple watch

Leave aside basic weather info and rain alerts, Carrot Weather on Apple Watch notifies you about nearby lightning as well. You get a notification before a tornado hits or 15 min prior alert for a possible rain shower. The app is always up to date and you can hardly ever miss a weather alert or disaster notification. The app has various membership options classified into Tiers.

10. Dark Sky

Another paid-only app on the list but again, if you know the name you know what it does. Dark Sky weather app is known for its minute to minute updates for rains. Yes, it specializes in rain forecast. The Apple Watch app also displays different animations for rain forecast across multiple screens.

Dark Sky apple watch

The app also offers some Apple Watch face complications that can be set on various watch faces. Apart from this, the iPhone app of Dark Sky offers a very detailed weather map of your location. The map view could also be set to see the whole globe with updated info from across the world. So if you’re boarding a plane, brace for that turbulance.

Bonus Suggestion

11. FEMA

If you’re in the States, traveling or residing, I’d suggest you have this app installed on your phone. The app currently supports iPhone and iPad only but is a must given the features. FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, an agency under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

FEMA app

The app has features like weather and disaster alerts, safety instructions, locating emergency shelters nearby and alert sharing options via SMS, Social Media apps, etc. It is also a medium to share info and photos of a disaster struck area so that others can be updated in real-time. The app seems to be the most reliable since it is managed by the government itself.

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